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Sep 29, 2014

Nick's Picks

Nick's Picks Stock Market
September 27, 2014

The RUSS is basically at breakeven now. This trade will tread water, until the Russian stock market plunges. I expect that to happen when Russia nationalizes the assets of foreigners and foreign corporations.
This is absolutely a great trade. Russian stocks are the biggest bargains in the world: if you only look at profits and capitalization. But when you calculate the political risk, they are a wipeout waiting to happen.
Russia is the furthest thing imaginable from a democracy. Don't kid yourself. Government owns and controls everything. Share ownership (i.e. stocks) is an illusion.
Russia is the most mineral rich country on earth. By far. But all its wealth is politicized. It goes to two things. Fueling the Russian war machine... and Putin's ambition to become world dictator.
Putin is by far the wealthiest, most powerful man the world has ever seen. He is literally worth over tens of trillions of dollars. He has ultimate power over all Russia's assets, companies and markets.
I see a scenario where Putin closes and nationalizes the Russian stock market. He opened up the former Soviet Union only to acquire the technology he needs. Now that's done -- now that Russia has the world's most advanced, powerful military -- there's no reason to pretend it's a democracy.
FAZ: this is the most manipulated market I've ever seen. The bankers have literally bankrupted the world, to keep themselves afloat.
You got to hand it to them. They pulled off a magic trick that would stun Houdini. They didn't merely pull a rabbit out of their hat. They pulled out an entire bunny farm.
Don't get pissed, when I repeat what I know you've heard before: I still LOVE the FAZ! I think you should buy more, right now.
Before you bash your computer screen and curse me to the heavens, please listen for a moment. US banks are about to suffer the biggest wipeout mankind has ever seen. They are beyond broke.
Central banks the world over gave them trillions upon trillions of outright cash subsidies. The idea was idiotic: doomed to fail from the start. Supposedly we were going to make the banks strong. So strong they would make vast profits, cover their hundreds of trillions in bad debts, and everyone would live happily ever after.
But instead of paying their debts -- instead of making well-considered loans to deserving small businesses and individuals -- the greedy bankers leveraged their portfolios even more. Instead of cleaning up the vast amounts of wiped-out derivatives, they went on a derivatives buying spree. In fact, they now hold over twice as much as before.
Derivatives let them book profits they don't have, while hiding losses they do. That has created an amazing illusion of prosperity. As reflected in the prices of bank stocks (and therefore, our losses in the FAZ).
But they have more bad debt than ever. Their balance sheets are exploding with bad derivatives debts. That means the biggest banking wipeout in history is on the horizon.
In 2007 we came within a few hours of a global financial wipeout. This time they all will go down. There is no saving them this time. Here's why.
Forget the fact that the public won't stand for another round of banking bailouts. Forget that no politician dare bail them out again.
The fire truck is out of water. The fire hydrant is dry. They spent their last dime on the last bail outs. There's nothing left. The vault is empty. The bag of tricks is gone. They're out of rabbits. Nothing more can be done.
This time the dead-broke banks will be declared broke, stay broke and liquidated for under 5 cents on the dollar. Gain, set and match. Your FAZ shares will do a moon shot.
Look, you're already in the game. The beauty is, it doesn't cost you a penny more to stay. Let's wait for the fat lady to sing.
If there ever was a trade to hold onto – and add more positions – the FAZ is it.
Nick Guarino

Wall Street Insiders
September 27, 2014
Nick's Picks Precious Metals

Gold: our recommended gold trade, the DZZ, has nearly doubled from its low. We've been there, adding positions all along. The market is going our way. Hold on to all your existing positions. Add more if you can. Gold is heading a hell of a lot lower. Each extra position you add now, could be worth many times that in the not-so-distant future.
Silver: when we recommended the ZSL, in April 2011, silver was over $40 an ounce; and the ZSL traded for under $20 a share. Now the ZSL is over $100 a share. 400% profits.
Hold your positions for now. When silver falls to between $5 and $10 an ounce, I'll probably recommend you sell your positions and take profits. Its no sin to take profits now... if you must.

Nick's Picks Currencies
September 27, 2014

Our recommended trade -- the EUO -- has made small profits so far. That is just the start. I expect the euro (now in the $1.27 range) to soon fall to $1.10. That is its first stop on the way to $.25 or less.
If we're right, you could make enormous profits from this trade. So hold steady for now.
Europe is in bigger trouble than ever. Putin has already started to wreak havoc with the EU economy. He's already holding back some gas & oil supplies. When the total embargo hits, and Putin seizes major European assets in Russia, the real hurt begins. The euro will plunge.

Nick's Picks Bond Market
September 27, 2014

More great trades. If you bought U.S. government zero coupon bonds when I first started recommending them, you're dancing a jig.
Even if you start now, later in the game, this trade is still a great one. I urge you to make it at once, if you haven't already done so.
By the way, while I regard the zero coupon as a conservative recommendation (not a speculative one) it can make you a lot of money.
The two bond ETF recos I gave you -- the EDV and the TLT -- also are great trades. Bond traders have tried over and over to force interest rates higher. They tried to panic the market. They tried to con the market. They failed miserably. They will keep failing.
There is no inflation. There will be no inflation. We are in a global deflation: Europe has joined the party as well.
Yields aren't just going to zero. They're going into negative territory. That means bond prices will soar; and our ETF trades should skyrocket in value.
When the next banking wipeout comes, a desperate Fed and the Keynesian Einsteins in Washington DC and academia will take the yield on the 10-year to double-digit negative. When you buy your yacht, please invite me for a drink.

Nick's Picks Oil Complex
September 27, 2014

ahh yes, oil. The fracking miracle we told you about -- that everyone denied for years -- is now reality. (Even if many still deny it.)
Fracking is going to bring the world an ocean of oil and natural gas. Oil will fall to under $10 a barrel. Natural gas will cost less than water.
But first, before that happens, conflicts in a number of the world's largest oil-producing regions will send much of the global oil supply up in smoke.
The world's top two oil exporters are about to remove much of their oil from the market. So are the world's 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th largest producers.
They account for well over half of daily global oil supplies. They will soon fall to near zero. The oil pipelines that don't get shut down (e.g. by Putin) will get blown up (e.g. by ISIS, Iran, and any of two dozen other radical Islamic crazies vying for control of the Middle East).
Oil will soar in price. Probably to over $250 a barrel.
Then, a few years later, it's Katy bar the door. The world will frack around the clock. That's when oil will crash back to its long-term historic price.
The world will pay $250 for a barrel oil; and within a few years it will pay $10 for oil.
The really cool part is, we profit from both moves. That's what our recommended trades do for you. So sit back and watch the fireworks.

Nick's Picks - Real Estate

Date: September 27, 2014
Real Estate is definitely a sell. The only real estate that has staged a recovery and price appreciation is multi-million-dollar properties. These are limited to entertainers who make $50 million a year, or Wall Streeters who have been given trillions of free dollars, and carte blanche to play derivatives games with it.
Other than the $10-million-and-up market, the only buying comes from huge funds. They are picking up large blocs of banker repossessions.
But fund speculations don't make for a recovery. They have to SELL those properties, to make a profit. Already huge numbers of homes are trying to find their way back onto the market.
But it's not working. Another big glut of unsold properties is building up again. Another real estate bust is coming again. It will be bigger than the last one.
Nick Guarino

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