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Sep 27, 2014

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Wall Street Insiders
Emergency Flash Email

September 25, 2014

Eric Holder resigns - will end up in prison.

Obama about to get impeached -
or face military coup

Dear subscriber,
Obama knows his days as president are numbered. His colossal failures in the Middle East have started WWIII.
In desperation, against the advice of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Obama ordered the US Air Force to bomb ISIS oil fields, pipelines and refineries.
And he ignored their advise that he must send in US troops now when we can easily win. The longer he wants the more newly radicalized Sunis join ISIS and the harder it will be to take them down.
The US military is incensed. They know this is an error of biblical proportions. ISIS is stronger than ever – and as we speak, the Kurd army is getting its ass kicked. 250,000 Kurds are running for their lives to the Turkish border.
i.e. Obama's bombing campaign has already failed miserably.
Obama showed his true colors when he threw his support behind the Muslim Brothers in Egypt. They are a terrorist organization: they impose Sharia law wherever they can; and through their surrogates vow to destroy America.
Yet Obama gifted the Muslim Brothers with $1 billion. That let them steal the election and seize power in Egypt. This was after Obama pulled all support from a great American ally, Mubarak.
Those billion dollars didn't just put radical Islamic fundamentalists in power in Egypt. They kicked off the so-called Arab spring (Arab winter better describes it). Even worse, that was the feed money that started ISIS.
Obama infamously backed out of his promise to stop Syrian dictator Assad. So Assad repeatedly crossed Obama's red line, and used chemical WMDs on civilian populations countless times.
Now Obama has allowed many of those same chemical WMDs to fall into the hands of ISIS. ISIS is already preparing to use them on US soil, against Americans.
They are bringing chemicals, drugs, Ebola and terrorists through the southern border of the US. Thanks to Obama's policies, that border is wide open. In fact, our border patrol welcomes the illegals with open arms!
Our nation is about to suffer through 911, part 2. Only this time hundreds of thousands will die. Minimum. The Ebola plague alone guarantees it.
And even that's not all. For the past two years, Iran has been spinning its 20,000 centrifuges day and night. All with Obama's approval. He even gave the Iranians $3 billion of frozen cash to finish the job!
Now, to the shock and anger of the US military, Iran has the nuclear bomb. Iranian Supreme Leader ayatollah Khameini is near his death: which means more radical elements will soon come to power in Iran. They WILL use the bomb.
To show you the endless corruption in the Obama administration: the most politicized, compromised, sold-out U.S. Attorney General ever -- Eric Holder -- just resigned.
Holder has so many dirty tricks, he makes tricky Dick Nixon look like a schoolboy who stole a candy bar. On Obama's orders, Holder had the FBI, IRS and and Justice Department spy on, prosecute and destroy the president's political rivals.
Holder personally supervised the destruction of key evidence implicating Obama. That includes thousands of emails that proved the crimes the administration and its lackeys committed to steal the last presidential election.
Make no mistake. Henchman Holder will be prosecuted. He will go to prison. But he is the small fry, compared to the big fish that will soon follow him.
It's now clear that Obama is an undercover jihadist. A Manchurian candidate. He has surrounded himself with the most anti-American advisers in US history.
Obama has brought jihadists and terrorists to power all over the world. He allowed them to destabilize the Middle East and start World War III. They have established a position of power that cannot be stopped.
The US military repeatedly warns it will take US troops on the ground to stop ISIS. They keep telling Obama that his bombing campaign is playing right into ISIS' hands.
Obama's bombings are the best recruiting tool ISIS ever stumbled on. Remember, ISIS is the new Muslim caliphate. Muslims worldwide are duty-bound to defend it against all its enemies.
Result: not just thousands, but millions of Sunni Muslims are joining ISIS. From all around the world. Even Shiites, impressed with ISIS' goals and victories, are joining.
In short, the fuse has been lit on the powder keg that will be WWIII.
Watch as the markets wipe out, and the global economy collapses. It is sickly ironic that Obama bombed Syria -- against the wishes, desires and approval of the Syrian government. Very similar to how Putin attacked the Ukraine.
Speaking of Putin, he has not been sleeping. Russia just dramatically slowed natural gas and oil shipments to Europe and Ukraine. This is the first step towards an all-out oil embargo.
What's more, Russia is about to seize the assets of foreigners and companies who do business in Russia.
The smart money is scared shitless. The stock market fear index -- the VIX -- is at record levels. Investors are running from stocks en masse. This is why the market is plunging, with the huge moves still ahead of us.
In 1994 I wrote a book titled "The Impeached President." That book revealed Clinton's great crimes, and became a blueprint for his impeachment.
Now, 20 years later, I've written "The Impeached President II." In it I reveal Obama's great crimes and the global crisis he has created.
High-level contacts I have are giving me game-changing information. They say the military is warning key members of Congress: "impeach Obama or there may be a military coup... or something worse."
Obama's ties to Islam have screamed out their warning to Americans for decades. Remember, he was born a Muslim. His father was a Muslim. His stepfather was a Muslim. For years he was raised as Muslim, by a Muslim family, in the biggest Muslim nation on earth.
Obama's brother is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. The 'church' Obama attended for 20 years in Chicago was run by an America-hating 'former' Black Muslim.
Obama's acts as president prove beyond a shadow of a doubt: he is the enemy of America's Judeo-Christian tradition. He is the real Manchurian Candidate, who secretly has been working to destroy America, and force it into Islam.
He lost Iraq. Syria. Libya. Tunisia. Lebanon, with Jordan and Saudi Arabia soon to follow.
He sold out Egypt, Israel and even Turkey, turning that formerly moderate US ally into a radical den of fundamentalist Islam.
He's allowing the Ebola epidemic to run wild. He's letting Putin become dictator of Europe.
The US economy is in shambles. The greatest cooking of economic reports ever seen cannot hide that simple fact. All the Fed's horses and all the Treasury's men, can't put the US economy back together again.
I want to make sure you understand what's coming and are ready for it. I'll be back to Premium Pub subscribers with updates on all our trades. Precious metals are tanking. The stock market smells fear. The Euro is collapsing. There are countless million to be made in all this.

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