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Jul 9, 2014

WSI-닉의 투자 보고서(2014.7.8):긴급 보고서, 이스라엘 폭격 당하다.

Wall Street InsidersEmergency Flash Email  July 8, 2014

Red hot and hotter:Israel Bombed

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Dear Subscriber,

Though the media is reluctant to tell the story, the Middle East is turning into a boiling cauldron. The spreading violence is inciting all the Islamic crazies.

Obama's astonishing mistake in Egypt spilled over into Syria. His premature withdrawal from Iraq has left a huge vacuum throughout the region.

Now the most radical of radicals are filling that vacuum.

ISIS leader al-Baghdadi is establishing himself as the Caliph: the direct successor to Muhammad. He is taking over entire nations, and calling for jihad to swallow up the rest.

This has inflamed Sunnis (who make up around 85% of the global Islamic population) around the world. Tens of thousands of radicalized Muslims are pouring into the Middle East, to join the jihad.

According to US media spin, things are getting back to normal. That is so absurd as to be laughable.

The Iraqis have totally failed to stop ISIS' advances. The rebels now control seven major Iraqi oil fields. Iraq's government is so divided -- so besieged on all sides -- I expect it to fall in the coming weeks.

Already in this early stage, ISIS is the world's best-armed and best-funded terrorist group. By far. They are buying, seizing and receiving arms, equipment and have funding galore.

Make no mistake about it. Massive disruptions in Middle East will soon hit the oil market. Same with Russian oil to the EU. The biggest oil embargoes in history are coming: crude prices are about to soar.

Yet Obama ignores it all. He completely ignores the Middle East and Europe. He is fixated on seeing that a wave of future Democratic voters illegally crosses our borders, and make it into every city in America.

It's tragic. The greatest terrorist upsurge in modern history is met by a US president who is clueless and silent.

Jordan is threatened. Raising the stakes even more, Israel is now sucked into the conflict.

With all the uprisings in the Middle East, the Palestinians do not want to be left out of the equation. So they are in jihad, like everyone else.

300 Palestinian rockets have landed in Israel the last few days. Including three over Jerusalem -- which Israel destroyed -- and one Israel's Iron Dome intercepted above the airport in Tel Aviv.

Israeli leaders are trying to keep the passions of Israeli citizens from exploding. But this balancing act cannot continue much longer. The violence is approaching a red line that Israel cannot afford to ignore. As we speak, air raid sirens are blaring over Jerusalem, parts of Tel Aviv, and in the major northern Israeli city of Haifa.

Israel is carrying out extensive bombing missions in Gaza. It has called up 40,000 troops. Slowly, inexorably Israel is being drawn into the war.

The kidnapping and murder of the three Israeli teens, was designed to inflame tensions in Israel.

ISIS is now arming and inflaming Palestinian terror groups

In the past, Palestinian radicals were small in number. They were incapable of mounting a real military offensive: they were more of a nuisance, who had to resort to suicide bombers. Israel in time was able to neutralize this threat.

Now it's different. Hamas and other Palestinian terror groups are backed by ISIS. Which means they soon will have a real army. We're talking tanks, rockets, ships, mortars, field artillery pieces.

These arms, along with the sophisticated rockets Hamas is acquiring, means escalation is taking place throughout the Middle East. Including in Israel.

Terror groups are no longer a mere nuisance. They have turned into a formidable army, that can take and hold territory. Israel will soon face this threat.

The ISIS movement is already winning the hearts and minds of the radicals. It already is occupying land (entire nations). It's already acquiring sophisticated military equipment: what Obama left behind in Iraq suits the terrorists very well.

To be really successful, ISIS has to sting Israel bad. If ISIS is seen as a military force that can engage Israel, the entire equation turns in its favor. All Islam will ignite behind ISIS leader al-Baghdadi.

That is why Israel again finds itself in the Islamic crosshairs.

Today Hamas had a coming-out party. It showed its new rockets and techno;ogy, acquired from Iran and North Korea, its rockets are far more sophisticated than anything it had in the past. It also showed it will play that card.

Till now Hamas' back was up against the proverbial wall. But ISIS changes all that. Hamas now has an ally that hates Israel as much as they do. They also have the key things they always lacked before: backup, support of weapons, arms and fresh radical troops. They will be on Israel's north and south borders.

Do not be lulled to sleep in this. Sooner or later ISIS must be seen -- not as a terrorist group -- but as the conquering army of Islam.

That means sooner rather than later, they will fight over the oil fields. In a very short time, oil will stop flowing out of the ME.

$250 a barrel oil, here we come.

Can you feel it? Can you see it? Big things are happening.

Do you want to know the hell of this? The Brits and Americans were on the border with Syria, ready to attack. All we had to do was pull the trigger. The radicals would have gone back to their caves in Afghan. We wouldn't have heard from them for another decade.

But Obama backed off. He gave a clear hand to the various radical rebel forces in Syria. The moderates got no support.

That let the radicals come to power. It let them obtain their stronghold. Everything they are doing now comes from the bases they were able to set up in Syria.

The Americans, Israelis, Europeans and even the Saudis don't yet understand: this is a new ball game. Entrenched leaders never 'get' popular uprisings, till it's too late.

And this uprising is entirely different from anything we've seen before in the Middle East. bin Laden's never realized his dream of attacking America, and uniting all Islam in jihad. He couldn't amass the money, manpower or infrastructure to pull it off.

He had success in parts of Afghanistan. One of the most remote places on earth. But that wasn't enough to ignite jihad. It wasn't enough to win over the religious passions of the mass of Muslims.

Don't get me wrong. The WTC towers were a huge p.r. coup for the radicals. But it is nothing compared to defeating America on the ground... taking Syria... and taking Iraq.

The jihadists' dream is coming true. That is the missing piece of the puzzle – the thing that in the past stopped global jihad.

But by taking Syria and Iraq – by attacking Israel from the north and south – al-Baghdadi and ISIS are uniting all Muslims. They are radicalizing vast numbers of proponents of the 'religion of peace.' Especially young people who are very poor, very desperate, and whose blood will be spilled throughout the Middle East.

The rocket attacks and kidnappings in Israel are a significant escalation. You should not ignore them.

Oil out of the Middle East has already been disrupted. Soon you will witness oil fields all across the region going up in flames.

When that happens, you'll wish you made the oil trades we are so desperately trying to get you to do.

Nick Guarino

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